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Memories of Havark

Through our PC Game "Memories of Havark” we are striving to bring MMORPG and Player vs Monster gamers to a competitive scene with an ultimate goal of becoming an eSport.

When playing MMORPG games to defeat EPIC monsters it takes individual skill and teamwork. These two values are the core to any competitive sport. We are reinventing the MMORPG and creating a competitive scene for gamers who prefer Player vs Monster combat. This new home will allow these players to compete just like in a MOBA, FPS or RTS and pull in a missing video game genre to e-Sports.

In a 5v5 setting, players will NOT be able to directly attack the opposing team. Using the map as your weapon, each team will defeat monsters and execute strategy to capture objectives for victory.

Our passion comes from creating career opportunities for gamers who prefer Player vs. Monster combat! This can include streamers, professional gamers, eSport organizations and more.

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  • Competitive Player vs Monster
  • Team & Objective Focused
  • eSport - Fun to Play & Watch
  • Third Person Perspective (MMO)


    Massively Multiplayer Online
    Role-Playing Game
    First Person Shooter
    Player vs Monster
    Real-Time Strategy
    Multiplayer Online Battle Arena

Our Team

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Christopher “Stark” Main

Co-Founder, CEO, Lead Game Designer
Directly responsible for the overall vision and direction of Stark Gaming in the video game industry.

Christopher is the Lead Game Designer for Memories of Havark. Creating the fundamentals for combat systems, game mechanics, character concepts, landscape design, role systems and story.
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Christen “Haven” Main

Co-Founder, President, Executive Editor
With years of played time in MMORPG and PvE games Christen has heavy experience in competitive high end content dating back to the hardcore days of Everquest raiding. As the Executive Editor Christen provides critical feedback and quality assurance on all aspects of Memories of Havark.

In addition Christen is the Art Director & Community Manager on Memories of Havark.
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Kerry Main

Chief Information Officer
Kerry has over 37 years in IT Management & Consulting with enterprise mission critical customers. His primary focus is to create a server infrastructure with ultra-high scalability, security & availability to support our global video game solutions.

Kerry is an OpenVMS Ambassador and is leading our partnership with VMS Software Inc. to bring the legendary operating system to online gaming.
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Mike Wallis

Advisor & Acting Producer
Mike has 23-years in the video game industry as a super producer with 53 games shipped. Past titles include Eve Online, Lord of the Rings Online, Dungeons & Dragons Online and Blade and Soul (NA Launch).

Mike provides invaluable direction to the entire Stark Gaming team. Utilizing his veteran experience and knowledge, the Stark Gaming Team is moving forward with the required information to create a next generation video game company.
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John Balestrieri

Advisor & Acting CTO
A creative problem solver with a deep background in technology, branding, marketing in both traditional and digital as well as operations.

Known as an innovator, having created or been part of industry changing events and award winning campaigns. An experienced senior manager with operational and financial experience who knows how to mentor employees to reach their highest potential.
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Justin Zawislak

World Artist
Justin has AAA experience working in the video game industry. He has most recently worked on the MMORPG Wildstar.

Deep experience in set-dressing, modeling, texturing, lighting, sculpting/painting terrain, and anything that helps bring a world to life.
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Alana Slater

Head of HR
Alana loves bringing like-minded people together to help focus strategy in the talent and human resources departments. Having worked with international teams to push company culture and reward programs in a positive direction.

Alana has a passion for Wellness and is involved with several Gamer Fitness communities.
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Alyssa Tan

Creative Writer
Alyssa is a skilled writer with extensive experience composing academic and creative works. In addition, she is involved with the Video Game Development Club at UCI.

Stand out student in a Game Writing course taught by Brian Kindregan, a Lead Writer at Blizzard Entertainment.

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