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Memories of Havark

Through our PC Game "Memories of Havark” we are striving to bring MMORPG and Player vs Monster gamers to a competitive scene with an ultimate goal of becoming an eSport.

When playing MMORPG games to defeat EPIC monsters it takes individual skill and teamwork. These two values are the core to any competitive sport. We are reinventing the MMORPG and creating a competitive scene for gamers who prefer Player vs Monster combat. This new home will allow these players to compete just like in a MOBA, FPS or RTS and pull in a missing video game genre to e-Sports.

In a 5v5 setting, players will NOT be able to directly attack the opposing team. Using the map as your weapon, each team will defeat monsters and execute strategy to capture objectives for victory.

Our passion comes from creating career opportunities for gamers who prefer Player vs. Monster combat! This can include streamers, professional gamers, eSport organizations and more.

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  • Competitive Player vs Monster
  • Team & Objective Focused
  • eSport - Fun to Play & Watch
  • Third Person Perspective (MMO)


    Massively Multiplayer Online
    Role-Playing Game
    First Person Shooter
    Player vs Monster
    Real-Time Strategy
    Multiplayer Online Battle Arena

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